Friday, March 12, 2010



It is still raining here over 3inches in the last 2 days.
I have been trying to do without a dryer as ours cracked up a few months ago but today went over and brought one. We got a Heller. I did not know the brand but takes a 5k load and with the extra warranty has a 6 years warranty. For $334 we thought it was a great deal. It is drying much better then the other one and hardly any creased in the clothes. It turns one way for 10 minitess and the changes to the other to avoid tangles. It is sensored so if the cloths dry before the setting it stops to save eletricity.
So far very happy with it.
I am starting to get depress even though I love the rain. The gardens and yard are a mess and will now take days to clean up. We can't do this till it fines up and no rain for a couple of days. I am starting to feel like a duck. So many little frogs have hatched out and together with the bugs make such a carouse at night.

I have made some painted pieces that can be framed and hoping to do some work on my Seminole later tonight if I can get all my commitments done early.
These are hand painted fabric. I then painted with Lumiere paints and some strips of Christmas decorations. Organza over top and then hit with the heat gun.
Keep stitching


  1. They are wonderful Del ---What is a heat gun- I am in a condo
    and I am not sure whether one is suitable for here. what does it antail to use it. Shirley

  2. Rain, snow, here it is the first day of Spring and Mother Nature seems to be cleaning out her house. She can STOP anytime now and just ENJOY the nice weather. I heard two froggies in the pond yesterday. I wonder if they buried themselves back under the mud when it snowed last night. :)Bea

  3. A heat gun is a special tool you can use to burn holes in fabric. If you get one don't get the one that they sell in the hardware shops.
    I have a special one used for textile work.
    The others are too hot and direct. (I think they are)
    I am sure you could use it Shirley as long as you are in a well ventilated area.
    When you do work say on felt and cover it with a number of layers of material or matter you can then burn some of it so the underneath shows through.
    I will see if I can get some more information for you and another piece of work that I have used it one.
    Like a soldering iron you don’t use it a lot but it is quite effective for certain things.

    It is still raining here also. Today not a lot but it will take maybe another day before some mowing can be done and then a few more days of fine for other parts of the property to dry out. We did not get a lot of bad weather from the cyclone but in the next couple of days we will get some rain and the winds are predicted.

  4. Sorry about the mistakes very late here 1.36pm I am going to bed goodnight girls.