Monday, December 5, 2011

Delia #7 Challenge Celebrate

I know I am late but this is my celebrate challenge. I am celebrating a dream trip that I took a couple of years ago to Canada. I brought this panel in Vancouver and have now put it together. It was not a big panel but I loved it. I did not want a wall hanger. So I cut each picture out and then added fabric strips around them to make it bigger. I now have a quilt I can cuddle up into at night and remember my trip.
It is 52' square.
Keep Stitching

Delia #8 Challenge Oriental

This is a postcard I made. I used a piece of bamboo for the feet to stand on. I cut the person out of fabric and used ribbon to do the umbrella. Quite simple but effective.

Next Challange due 31st of Jan. 2012

Hi Girls
Jaon has asked me to post this for her.

I would like to go back to colors. I would like the next challenge to be Black and White and one more color (any or all shades of that color).

(i.e. Black and white and red, or black and white and green)

I would like to take you up on your offer to post to the groups.



Saturday, December 3, 2011

Sue M #8 Challenge The Orient

Sorry to be late revealing my challenge quilt. Life has been conspiring against me this weekend. My photo editing program decided not to work, I had to remove and re-install it.I'm happy with my little quilt, it's a very simple design, I think it may need a bit more quilting though. I'm thinking of adding some reeds or grasses in the bottom left hand corner.
The quilt measures 18.5 x12.5 inches.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Cheryl #8 Challenge Orient

This convergence quilt was made with fat quarters. Being a fabric junkie, I tend to purchase things only to say “What the heck am I going to do with this?” 
Typically you would use 4 different fabrics, but I really loved the Japanese print so in using 2 fat quarters of the same print I was able to keep both the koi and the flowers.
The gray fabric reminded me of stones in a pond. Selecting the 3rd fabric to not interfere was a bit more difficult. I bought this fabric a long time ago. It’s actually white-on-white, but I was messing around with staining the fabric and soaked it in some red wine. Turns out, it was just the color I was looking for! 
The piece measures 34” x 30”

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Margaret #7 Challenge Orient

The wall hanging is called Aspirations2 and the symbols from the top are prosperity,frienship,happiness,longevityand courage.

Margaret #6 Challenge Our of Africa

The bag is for the out of Africa challenge. One of the ladies in our quilting group has a niece who does medical voluteer work in Africa and she brought back some fabric for her aunt to make some quilts for fund raisers so some of the fabric in the bag are left overs from that, the fabric had a very different hand to it but interesting to work with.