Monday, January 17, 2011

One of my most favorite places is at the shore watching the waves come in. Nebraska is a long way from any ocean shores, so I have come to enjoy the shores of Lake Michigan. It helps that my son and daughter-in-law live in Michigan about 30 miles from the lake. On a very windy day Lake Michigan can resemble the ocean.(sort of) I had fun learning photoshop in working on getting all these pictures printed. I even used the distort feature to create the fill in pieces.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Favourite Places

What a fun challenge. I had such a difficult time trying to decide just what are my favourite places. Finally decided that it must be beside the ocean or water. I tried to make my challenge look like a scrap booking page. I printed a few of the places we have visited in the past 12 months, The Great Ocean Road, Port Fairy and the Sorrento Back Beach. As much as I love to visit these places I have no desire to live in a coastal area. I love living here in the country and wouldn't change it. Sorry for the delay in posting, I had to search for the camera.

My Favourite Places --

One of my favourite places is France. I used pictures that I took on a trip in 2006 and last summer. One of my favourite places in France is Brittany where my father was born.

I used Karin Hellaby's Simple Attic Windows and printed my pictures on TAP transfer paper and transferred them onto the windows. It's 29"x23".

Jazzy, my ShiTsu, likes to sit on my quilts.

Jackie in snowy Edmonton

My Challenge, Favorite Places

Well, I of course had to use the ocean, and a sea turtle`s favorite place. I fused pieces of fabric onto the blue and sand colored fabric. Then started on all hand work. I want this piece to be completely hand finished, so am still not quite down. I still want to add a beaded sea turtle and lots of goodies to my treasure chest, but just didn`t fit the time in before our reveal. This piece may not be done for months, I keep finding things to add to it. I couched different textured yarns and threads for seaweed, and embroidered even more for dimensions. This challenge was very Challenging. :)

Favourite Places

Here is how I chose to interpret the theme of Favourite Places.
It happens to be the favourite place of two cats - a backyard window sill and some kind of box or cabinet. I have too many favourite places to interpret and so I thought I would concentrate on other favourite places. It is all raw, almost all hand stitched and I plan to frame it so that is why it is not quilted - I didn't want the bulk.

Cheryl challenge #2 Favourite Places

Favorite Places

Ia Orana!
I was excited to find out the theme to our latest challenge and immediately knew it would have to be themed around the ocean or beach. I took advantage of the hot weather early on and sun-painted the background before I knew what I would do with the rest of the piece. This was the first time I had used acrylic paint with a textile medium unfortunately the clouds are covered up by the palm fronds. It was a learning experience and I am excited to experiment more with paints. Once I decided how I was going to finish the piece, I really enjoyed the creative process of bringing it all together.

This piece gave me the opportunity to practice my free-motion stitching, which I so desperately needed. Working on a smaller piece is so much easier! The finished size is 15” x 17”. I have not put a binding on the piece yet because I haven’t liked anything I have auditioned. It is hanging now, raw-edged. Something will come to me.

So my favorite place is really anywhere in the South Pacific. This piece is representative of Tahiti, and the hammock is where I spent time relaxing, reading, enjoying a Hinano or two, and watching the sunset.

May your favorite places bring you peace and comfort.


Favorite Place

My list of favorite places is long and sweet and, while none of them are in Kansas, they all look a lot like home.  I chose to illustrate the first backyard I remember with the view from my bedroom window.  The woven background represents a patchwork of backyards mine was part of.  The tree was an ancient, gnarly, Golden Delicious.  Perfect for climbing, hiding, reading.  Of course all this brought to mind ( to haunt me!) Yeats' "Song of Wandering Aengus" and "the silver apples of the moon, the golden apples of the sun."  As much as I like the poem, I soon regretted choosing metallic fabrics as they are so difficult to work with and to photograph.  I fused two pieces of fabric back to back, cut out the shapes and tacked them onto the quilt with handstitched stems and veins which worked fairly well.  My favorite challenge thus far as I revisited a very pleasant time and place.

Delia - Favourite Places

Favourite Places
The back of the piece I used facings instead of binding (mitred at corners) as I wanted a clean edge on the front. This would also be nice on the front to frame a piece.

Close up for the confetti work.

Favourite Places.
I thought and thought what I would do for this challenge. I had different things going on in my mind and could not decide. A couple of weeks ago it all came to me. Favourite Places well my favourite places are my home, the land, dam and gardens. So that is what I did.
It is looking from the road up over the dam to our place. I have not quite got the proportions of the house to the garages right but it is close enough.

First I used the confetti method of cutting up lots of fabric into small pieces of the colour I needed. Blues for the sky and Greens for the hills and randomly quilted them down.

I then appliqué the house onto thick tearaway. It was then stitched to the background.
The gardens were all thread painted on to thick tearaway before stitching to the background.
The road was appliquéd on to the background.
I then thread painting the palm trees on to the piece.
To show you what else you can do I then changed the colour of the piece in my camera program.
Negative Colorize and Sepia

Negitive Colorize


I had fun working on this piece.


MIRIAM - Sunset over Crete

While on a cruise on holiday in October last I took many photos of Crete (as we
pass it in the ship).......The colours in the sea were wonderful and the sky was
dazzling.......I still carry that picture in my mind and so it is "My Favourite
Place" even though I didnt visit the island......My piece is called "Sunset over
Crete"......Cottons, sheers, tulles favourite technique at the

Favourite Places~ gudrun

I was flummoxed by the plural in this challenge. I 'read' the challenge word favourite to mean my favourite, but I had trouble with places. In a two dimensional small fibre art piece how do I depict places . A single place is easy enough. I did not come with any ideas that covered 'places'...... however there is a common factor in all of the places I consider favourite. So that is how I came to this....

All my favourite places have water and trees. I spend a lot of time on Georgian Bay, Lake Huron....and even when I am not on the Bay you can bet I am near water, or under a tree...usually both.

This is my first finished attempt at thread painting, operative word being 'finished'. My list friend Shirley is instrumental in my continuing with thread painting. All I need do for encouragement and inspiration is look at her work.

Favourate Places

Favorite Places One of my favorite places is in the kitchen and this art quilt all started with a tea towel. I pieced a 9” block on the end with a cut up towel and the design represents a lattice pie crust. I got the wonderful “moms cookies” embroidery design from UrbanThreads then added some appliqué designs around it. I hand sewed the appliqué designs on with WonderFil hologram threads, they are so pretty. Then I added some hand written notes that tell what I love about baking. After quilting and binding my little quilt I glued it to a rolling pin using fabric glue, I was inspired after seeing a Quilting Arts magazine.

Monday, January 3, 2011


Hi Girls
I was wondering how many of you intend to reveal your 3rd Challenge next week.
It is important that we know so please answer this post.