Saturday, January 15, 2011

Delia - Favourite Places

Favourite Places
The back of the piece I used facings instead of binding (mitred at corners) as I wanted a clean edge on the front. This would also be nice on the front to frame a piece.

Close up for the confetti work.

Favourite Places.
I thought and thought what I would do for this challenge. I had different things going on in my mind and could not decide. A couple of weeks ago it all came to me. Favourite Places well my favourite places are my home, the land, dam and gardens. So that is what I did.
It is looking from the road up over the dam to our place. I have not quite got the proportions of the house to the garages right but it is close enough.

First I used the confetti method of cutting up lots of fabric into small pieces of the colour I needed. Blues for the sky and Greens for the hills and randomly quilted them down.

I then appliqué the house onto thick tearaway. It was then stitched to the background.
The gardens were all thread painted on to thick tearaway before stitching to the background.
The road was appliquéd on to the background.
I then thread painting the palm trees on to the piece.
To show you what else you can do I then changed the colour of the piece in my camera program.
Negative Colorize and Sepia

Negitive Colorize


I had fun working on this piece.



  1. Wow! Delia -- I love it -- you have such a pretty place. I
    am so glad the floods didn't seriously hurt your home and property.

    Once again you did a great job. You girls are getting me thinking about
    getting back to my art quilts! It is interesting when you play with a photo program. It would be fun to make a four section piece using the different colors and thread painting them. hmmmm. Shirley

  2. Beautifully done, Delia! And a lovely place to call home.

  3. I agree, a lovely place to call home and beautifully done. I love the confetti work, it is very effective. Do you use a layer of tulle or anything on top of the bits of fabric?

  4. I like the confetti effect a lot!! I really like how you used so many different techniques to achieve your results. It turned out beautiful!!

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  6. Sorry I deleted the previous post
    Thankyou Girls
    Sharon there is no tulle on this piece.

    Shriley I hope you do get back into this. You are so good and love it. We all do need a break at times but the desire comes back.

    I think I will do a workshop for the group on confetti.

  7. Del,
    You are so fortunate to live in such a beautiful place. It would be one of my favorites too! I have been wanting to try this technique and snippets as well (I think you use tule for that). I just love all of the colors. You piece is really beautiful.

  8. Great piece Delia. Like your different techniques. Look forward to a confetti workshop.

  9. It looks like a picture postcard. I too thought of my home as my favourite place - and my sewing room, my city and my country even. I would love to use confetti pieces to make a quilt. What size is it?

  10. Hi Girls
    It is 9.5" x 14" big enough when doing a small confetti quilt.
    I don't use any tule in this tenchnique.
    I am glad you are looking forward to the class. lol I still have to write it.