Saturday, January 15, 2011

Favourite Places

Here is how I chose to interpret the theme of Favourite Places.
It happens to be the favourite place of two cats - a backyard window sill and some kind of box or cabinet. I have too many favourite places to interpret and so I thought I would concentrate on other favourite places. It is all raw, almost all hand stitched and I plan to frame it so that is why it is not quilted - I didn't want the bulk.


  1. Very nice applique work. I really envy the cat on the box...totally relaxed without a care in the world, LOL. Delightful scene, it will look so nice framed.

  2. What a great idea, using your cats favorite place!
    The scene is executed perfectly. And you did a really really good job showing it.

  3. This is great Dolores -- I think your idea works well and it will make a nice picture when it is framed.

    I am so impressed with all the different favorite places! Shirley

  4. Dolores what a lovely idea to use the cats and their favourite place.
    It will look gret framed.

  5. Dolores,
    This is very sweet. What is it about cats and the window sill? I agree that some pieces look better framed. I can never seem to get anything square when binding the edges. I love your kitties :)

  6. Cats doing what cats like best, keeping company from a safe distance. Look forward to seeing the framed piece.

  7. Did you hum along with Crosby,Stills and Nash while you worked on this? Love it! My second thought was, "Oh, guard cats." ;o)

  8. A most comfortable scene. I'd like to see this framed.