Saturday, January 15, 2011

Favourite Places~ gudrun

I was flummoxed by the plural in this challenge. I 'read' the challenge word favourite to mean my favourite, but I had trouble with places. In a two dimensional small fibre art piece how do I depict places . A single place is easy enough. I did not come with any ideas that covered 'places'...... however there is a common factor in all of the places I consider favourite. So that is how I came to this....

All my favourite places have water and trees. I spend a lot of time on Georgian Bay, Lake Huron....and even when I am not on the Bay you can bet I am near water, or under a tree...usually both.

This is my first finished attempt at thread painting, operative word being 'finished'. My list friend Shirley is instrumental in my continuing with thread painting. All I need do for encouragement and inspiration is look at her work.


  1. What a beautiful piece. You did a great job on the thread painting.

  2. Gudrun - you make me want to teach another series-- What a wonderful job you did on this piece . Your thread painting is wonderful and I am
    as proud as if you were one of my kids!! grin.

    This scene is 'alive' and I do hope you put it on your attic wall where you do all your creative work. I especially like the water. You must continue
    thread painting! Shirley

  3. Gudrun your piece is wonderful. I love the water and the tree.
    Yes as Shirley said your thread painting is wonderful.

  4. Just lovely, Gudrun. I get a feeling of peace and serenity.

  5. Your thread painting is so well done and impressive. I can see why it is called thread "painting" it is a wonderful piece of art!

  6. The thread painting is wonderful, you are getting so good at that. I like the how the tree stands out and looks so real.

  7. I have to agree with the others, your thread paining is wonderful. You've made your piece look alive.

  8. Hi Gundrun,
    Absolutely amazing! I love the movement in this piece. Your threadpainting is really well done.