Monday, April 19, 2010

Tammy here,

I spent a lot of today working on my piece, I changed some things, covered up some things, and am doing new things. I don`t think I am totally happy with it, but am learning as I go, so am happy about that. It is fun anyway!! lol

Monday, April 12, 2010

I have started my quilt

I have been away on retreat and have started my quilt.
It is not what I had in mind as my friend asked if I would like to use her felting machine. I have never used one before and of course love it to bits.
I made the mistake of felting the quilt I was making for the challenge. I should have just worked on a sampler. I have learnt how to blend wools now and a few other things. So after quite a few oops I was going to start again.
I hate to toss anything. I slepted on it for the night and then decided to resurrect the piece. It now is nothing like what it was to be but I am starting to like it.
Many different ideas have gone into this quilt. Most of the felting will not be able to be seen.
How is everyone getting along with theirs?
Keep stitching
I off to bed 1.30pm here

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Group blog

I just came across another group blog - High Fiber Diet. They are just starting out on the world wide web and you can view their latest theme project. The premise of the this one was:
“What would happen,” we wondered, “if each of us made a piece that had a common element? A green line, that danced from piece to piece, to suit the vision of each artist, yet spoke to the others in the room.”

Not all of the pieces are quilts which is refreshing.

Fran's Flora

My Flora is a combination of fabric, paint pencil Fabrico pens and Angelina Fibres.   It is called Flora Oma (not grandmother).
Now I am working on my retreat quilt for Bathurst NSW retreat.  It is to be made from recycled Flannelete men's shirts and sized at 40 X 40".  I have completed the top now to baste and machine quilt it.  Then the quilting hobo outfit to make, siggie square to finish and I'm ready for the weekend.
I have my drawing of our challenge and pulled out the fabric in between doing the above will start on this groups quilt after all it is not to be revealed until May 15th.