Thursday, April 1, 2010

Fran's Flora

My Flora is a combination of fabric, paint pencil Fabrico pens and Angelina Fibres.   It is called Flora Oma (not grandmother).
Now I am working on my retreat quilt for Bathurst NSW retreat.  It is to be made from recycled Flannelete men's shirts and sized at 40 X 40".  I have completed the top now to baste and machine quilt it.  Then the quilting hobo outfit to make, siggie square to finish and I'm ready for the weekend.
I have my drawing of our challenge and pulled out the fabric in between doing the above will start on this groups quilt after all it is not to be revealed until May 15th.


  1. I really like this Fran. Grey and pink work together so well.

    I have some Angeline but it isn't the fusible kind. I think I could use
    misty fuse to add it to my piece. I have rarely used Angelina - although I did use it often on my postcards.

    This is so much fun!. I finished my challenge but in the middle of the night I thought of something that might be better - I hope to
    do it and then pick for the challenge.


  2. Fran have a great time in Bathurst.
    I am going on retreat next weekend to Mapleton Holiday Centre with the Palmwoods Art Group. I am taking 3 of my friends with me for Mountain Quilters. This is the first retreat I have been on other then ones at someone’s home for the weekend with the Stitch and Bitch girls.
    I am also taking my challenge with me to work on. I have a heap of ideas roaming around in my head and better decide soon exactly what I will do.
    I put a challenge out to the girls last year to make a recycled quilt. Quit a lot took up the challenge as well as myself. They had to be completely recycled materials. We have some lovely quits out of this exercise and they will be on display at our show in May.
    Have a great time

  3. I am impressed by the number of projects you have on at the same time. I look forward to seeing more.