Monday, August 30, 2010

Reveal Date for #2 Challenge? Sue M

I've completed my challenge, not exactly what it started out to be but I'm pleased with the result. Can someone remind me of the reveal date please?

Cold windy day here today, perfect for stitching.

Hi All

Hello Girls
It is getting close to the date for our challenge to be reveled.
I would like to know the girls that are working on their challenges. I know we had 20 to start but I think a few have dropped out so if you could let us know if you are still in the challenge it will be wonderful.
I have a teaser of mine I am posting now.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Tammy here, updating

I have been really enjoying the summer here in PA. The weather has been very hot, and I love it. The AQS show in Columbus was a wonderful getaway. My friend Joyce and I took a ton of supplies and spent most of the time working on those. lol BUT, we did manage to get a new tattoo! We both had bought some supplies to do Paintstiks. What a fun way to design blocks. And of course buying my new Janome 6600.
I have been doing a ton of crocheting over the summer, I love making potholders, and doing thread crochet. And having a small item in my hand with all this heat is the perfect way to go.
I will be working on my challenge piece after this weekend. My family and I are off for a weekend in Lancaster. I know what I am going to do, and have the fabrics laid out, just need to work on it.
Hope you are all well and enjoying the season. :)


I have been working on my challenge and it is 3/4 of the way done. I won't get at it again for another couple of weeks as I am teaching a class on CdnQuiltswappers, a Canadian Quilting group I belong to.

I have had a few obligations to meet but they are all finished which is nice. Now I can have
some fun! I will really be interested to see what the group does with this second challenge.

Jackie Doll is on a wonderful trip on a river cruise I believe in Europe. She has her challenge ready and told me she will post it by the l8th as she doesn't get back until the l6 or l7th of

How are the rest of you doing? This challenge threw me for awhile. I just couldn't get my head together as to what to do and finally decided. I am happy with it. Still have some beading to do and definitely will have it finished in time. I hope you are all having a good summer (here), (winter in Oz). We have had a poor summer and since it is so short to start with, it feels as if
summer has just not bothered to arrive in this part of the world.