Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Joan Duggan #9 Challenge Black and White

I I call this "The Missing Piece". It is four feet square. The idea came from a bead project I was working on. The beads don't look anything like this - it just evolved. The black outlines are Japanese Kumihimo braids that I made from some thick and thin yarn which gives it an uneven texture. The hand dyed puzzle pieces are all stipple quilted. I like the contrast with the commercial black and white fabric. The shadow outlines aren't exactly what I'd hoped for.

Sue M #9 Challenge Black and White

For once I have finished my challenge on time. I started off thinking of Zentangles and this led to my final design.

It is inspired by one of the pieces my youngest daughter made in her final year of high school.

I've added a picture of the actual statue below. This piece, along with a few others are now residing in our garden. Quite a talking point amongst visitors when the see them for the first time.

I have used a variety of black & white fabrics to create the torso highlighted with black sating stitching.

The quilt measures 19 x 14.5" or 48 x 37 cm