Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Cheryl Challenge # 5 Self Portrait

If you were to walk by me on the street, this is what I looked like 10 years and 20 pounds ago. Haha!

Funny thing is, the picture was taken in March! Everything was going along fine, but somehow the scale on the facial features are larger than they should be. It should be so easy to shed the years! It could be that the original photo was taken with a camera phone, indoors, at night, from a distance...so when it came time to enlarge the photo, the resolution was awful. I think it was a blessing in disguise because I was looking at the contrast rather than the details.

I have come to realize my hair is almost black (not dark brown as I always thought) and I do tend to rest my chin on my hand a lot. Funny. I still have details to add, such as the silver highlights in my hair, but overall it turned out much better than I expected.

This is a part of the process:

Below is the original I had to work with...night out with friends.

Lady Gaga
Monster Ball 2011
San Diego

Yep, that's a happy face sticker on my forehead.

Gudrun Challenge # 5 Self Portrait

Woman Easily Distracted
This wasn't easy :)) Self explanatory, yes?


#6 Challenge OUT OF AFRICA due 31st July

It is my turn to set the challenge.
This is exciting and I have had many thoughts but keep coming back to Africa
So AFRICA it is
I will call the challenge
Have fun


Judy I have been trying to post on your challenge but it will not allow me. I will try in a couple of day as I am going away again.

Judy Challenge # 5 Self Portrait

I've decided to let this little figure speak for itself as it is a fairly accurate representation of me, both physically and in terms of personality traits.  Would you know me now if you passed me on the street?

Delia Challenge #5 Self Portrait

Ok this is my self portrait. I have made a heap of mistakes and so I covered it with the net. I over machined the hair so the face pucked. I stippled  the dress less and it sat flat. I have post this so you can at least see I tired. This was a very hard challenge for me and it did not turn out the way I would have liked. 

I took a picture and then printed it onto a silk sheet. I then went about thread painting the piece in a hoop. It would have been much better had I not completely filled in the hair with colour.

I can't wait to see the others and how they turned out.
Shirley yours is lovely.
Keep Stitching

Friday, May 20, 2011

Challege #5

Shirlry Challenge #5 Self Portrait

I am posting this challenge early as the girls were having problems with the self portrait. I
put some suggestions into our group site and promised to post my picture early after explaining how I did it . I used a simple photo shop method and then thread painted it.

I took a photo of myself and then put 3 pictures of it in photo shop - clicked on filter and then filter galleries (all sorts of wonderful things can be found in the filter portion of photo shop) I found a cross hatch setting and clicked on it ( there are other settings that
focus the colors and divide them more sharply if you want to do a quilted portrait). I then printed it on a fabric photo sheet -- let it dry , removed the back and placed it on a piece of timtex -- or heavy stabilizer - then I thread painted the colors. The original is a bit more like the actual photo although my thread wasn't as dark. This is the first project I have done
since last June as life really got in the way for me-- and I admit I enjoyed it.

I do hope you don't mind me posting it a bit early. Shirley