Saturday, January 15, 2011

Cheryl challenge #2 Favourite Places

Favorite Places

Ia Orana!
I was excited to find out the theme to our latest challenge and immediately knew it would have to be themed around the ocean or beach. I took advantage of the hot weather early on and sun-painted the background before I knew what I would do with the rest of the piece. This was the first time I had used acrylic paint with a textile medium unfortunately the clouds are covered up by the palm fronds. It was a learning experience and I am excited to experiment more with paints. Once I decided how I was going to finish the piece, I really enjoyed the creative process of bringing it all together.

This piece gave me the opportunity to practice my free-motion stitching, which I so desperately needed. Working on a smaller piece is so much easier! The finished size is 15” x 17”. I have not put a binding on the piece yet because I haven’t liked anything I have auditioned. It is hanging now, raw-edged. Something will come to me.

So my favorite place is really anywhere in the South Pacific. This piece is representative of Tahiti, and the hammock is where I spent time relaxing, reading, enjoying a Hinano or two, and watching the sunset.

May your favorite places bring you peace and comfort.



  1. Reminds me of our trip to Fiji! it is lovely and I can understand why it
    is your favorite place -- you did a great job. Shirley

  2. I love it!! It makes me smile and recall my own good times.

  3. Beautiful, I would love to be lying on that hammock right now.

  4. OMG what a fun piece. I love the palm trees and the hammock is wonderful.

  5. Oh to be in the sun, I want to be there! very evocative.

  6. Love it!!! The tree leaves running across the top make it just stand out! And the pop off color on the hammock was an outstanding idea!

  7. It make me feel like I am swinging in the hammock with a lovely cool breeze blowing so I can use the quilt.

  8. Very restful, can just imagine swinging gently in the hammock relaxing and daydreaming.