Monday, December 5, 2011

Delia #7 Challenge Celebrate

I know I am late but this is my celebrate challenge. I am celebrating a dream trip that I took a couple of years ago to Canada. I brought this panel in Vancouver and have now put it together. It was not a big panel but I loved it. I did not want a wall hanger. So I cut each picture out and then added fabric strips around them to make it bigger. I now have a quilt I can cuddle up into at night and remember my trip.
It is 52' square.
Keep Stitching


  1. Very creative, and what a great reminder of your trip. I just love that moose :)


  2. I love it Del -- I have that same panel in an art quilt I did for my friend. It does
    represent this country as scenes like this were quite common when we had our cottage in the foothills of Alberta- We had moose visit us all year around. they are interesting - we treated them with respect and they ignored us. Shirley

  3. Thank you Shirley. A cabin there how wonderful that would have been.
    Cheryl thank you I loved this piece when I bought it and now can feel it over me. The thoughts of the trip come flowing back.