Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Here is another.......

manipulated photo that I am thread painting -- it is looking good. I printed the picture, trimmed it so the white border was 1/4 then laid it on a larger square of background fabric, then placed it on a square of timtex and then started thread painting it.
It is going to be a pretty one, I think.

I have decided to do a series of them for the draws at both retreats I am going to in June. I will show them as I finish them. I
like to have some on hand for gifts or sale. I am also showing the original photo. You will note that I added some pink rather than the rust color -- I will do another manipulation and use the rusts etc. Shirley


  1. Fun Fun Fun isn't it. Love this one also.
    I did a painting class today. A bird not really that happy with it but will work more on it and then thread paint.

  2. Is your class watercolor or acrylics? I taught oil, watercolor and
    acrylics -- self taught for years. Just use your wonderful talent and go
    with your feelings. You will have no problem as you have such a wonderful color sense. As you are well aware - everything you try is
    a learning experience -- You do such wonderful different abstract
    techniques. I am so impressed with what you do! Shirley