Thursday, March 4, 2010

An idea for you

This is a piece I worked on this week for our show but you may like the idea.

You take a pieces of black fabric and place shapwell under it (that is a material like stabiliser)

Cut up bits of threads or pull a glitz piece of fabric apart to get the threads. I used gold and silver as I was making badges for our upcoming Quilt show.

Cover with net pin and then stipple heavily over it.

I cut mine up into diamonds but you can do so much with this technique.
I will post another piece that is done with cut up bits of wool but instead of netting on top I put washaway. Opps will post that one later as I have only just dried it but I am posting one of it before I put the washaway on so you will get the idea.

Both ways work well.


  1. Thanks Del, I like this one too.

  2. You are welcome.
    I will try and post some more this weekend.

  3. Oh my goodness, Delia! Once I remembered to click on the pic to see the really big one, I could see how wonderful they are!

  4. Yes and they are easy to do Judy.