Thursday, March 4, 2010

My challenge is finished and

I am happy with it. I have another idea in my head and might decide to
do that one too and then decide at the 'showing' which one I will use.

I didn't reach too far from my usual work but did try something I had
never really tried before. I have put it away in a baggie and am glad
it is finished. I found it a bit scary to do the first challenge. Since then
I have surfed the net and the Quilting arts magazines and there are some
techniques I really want to try. I don't have a studio for dyeing or heat work etc.
so I will be limited in that respect

I am wondering if I am the first person who has finished the challenge?
I didn't branch out into new techniques but have some ideas for the rest of the Challenges.

I also finished making two landscapes which I attached to pillow cases - It
is the l0th anniversary of a retreat I coordinated in Strathmore - There were
55 + people there and I painted a scene on 55 pillow
cases to give to the girls
at the closing banquet. We are going to have a few reminders at our Retreat
in June and I have made a couple of new ones for draws.

I have also been working on a photo album and am collecting 'memories' from
the first year attendees. The retreat is held every year in Alberta in June and there have been 2 or 3 other retreats that have evolved from the first one.

It was started on the Cdnquiltswappers yahoo group and we had one girl from Australia, 3 from the US and the rest from all across Canada. It was so
interesting as we met on line and none of us knew what the others looked like.
I have life long friends (about 20 of them, ) from that retreat. We meet at two retreats every June. By the way the quilt bags from pillow cases are really handy - some of the girls still use theirs. One girl made some for her guild and placed
blocks on them. I cut across the bottom and up one side seam. Added the
landscape using a wide satin stitch - and then I sewed the seam.


  1. What a lovely story Shirley.
    You cases look great and very useful.
    You have done a lot doing 55 painted ones.
    Oh your challenge is finished how good is that.
    I am going on retreat the weekend after Easter and plan on doing mine then.

  2. I love the stiched pieces. No, I have not even started my challenge piece. You are, I'm sure, the first.