Saturday, March 6, 2010

Manipulating photos

This started out as a scene of the Northern
lights with brightly lit tipis. It seems that some of the pictures can be uploaded here but some can't - I will read my 'help' in photo shop tomorrow. I am having fun
though. I am not sure whether I will
use manipulation very often -- as abstracts are not my thing but it isn't as involved as I thought it was (this part at least). I am
feeling quite pleased though. I just put in the original picture. Interesting!


  1. For blogs i always save the files as JPG or PNG files from photoshop. You may need to do a save as and flatten layers if you have used them.

  2. Shirley this look fantastic. I printed some of mine out on silk to make postcards.
    What you can do!!!!!
    Mind blowing.