Monday, March 22, 2010

Manipulations - it has been quite in here

It has been quiet in here. Where have you all been?
Hi Girls I have been doing some manipulations in GIMP2. I think it was Fran who told us about this free program. Thank you
It is fun but I waste to much time messing around with
I would like to do what Shirley had done and do one on to fabric and then stitch and bead.

Keep stitching



  1. these are beautiful - shirley -

    ps. once I get my computer organized again I plan on doing a few more small pieces to make a set - I really am happy with my first little l2 x l2 wall hanging. I really like how you worked the colors. You do beautiful work. Shirley

  2. Thank you Shirley.
    It is easy with the programs to help us these days.
    I love your landscapes and have to do the thread paining on the bears this week.