Monday, March 1, 2010

Shirley here

I am glad you got into the blog Sharon.

I wouldn't worry about which to choose -- I am having the same problem -
I have one project done but I am not sure whether I will go with it as
it isn't a difficult piece - It was an idea I had the first day and I am happy with it. I also have another idea - and might possibly go with it. I think the hardest part
is the decision of what to do. I went with the one I couldn't let go. I think you might want to try both???? just a thought. We are all new at this (at least quite
a few of us are-) I am finding it difficult to get out of my comfort zone too.
I love doing my work and am hoping I will get the urge to 'reach' a bit more - I just keep being realistic and can't seem to get into the abstract mode. grin.
The problem is I love what I do!

I am hoping to jump in and go for an abstract piece sometime fairly soon.

I am sure the more experienced Challengers have run into the same problem.
One thing I know - don't make it more difficult if you aren't comfortable -
we will be doing these challenges from now on so there are no rules. I am hoping to teach myself new ways to do what I love. Shirley

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