Monday, March 1, 2010

Sharon G

Hello everyone, Shirley the blog looks wonderful.  I feel privileged to be here among all of you wonderful ladies.  I just started into art quilting, fibers and other stuff other than traditional quilting about a year ago so i guess i would still be considered a newbie.  I am currently taking an art/embellishing class right now at our LQS and having a wonderful time with it.
Maybe some of you can help me a little if you have a moment.  I have 2 ideas in my head for our challenge but don't know whether to go with my heart or my head, does that make sense.  The design I have from my heart would be totally different then the idea I have in my head so I guess I am still contemplating my challenge.  Has this ever happened to anyone else in our group.
Looking forward to playing with everyone.

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