Monday, March 1, 2010


Greetings all,
Just popping in.... I am here. I have not gone aground into
lurker mode. It may feel and look like it, chalk it up to this
gal getting ready for a trip to B.C. on Thursday. (Plus Olympiad 2010 had me glued to the tv. It seems I wasn't alone there...I wonder how many gazillion tv sets were tuned to the O's)
I will be back in the spring. I know spring doesn't arrive here just cuz the calendar says it has arrived, it's just wishful thinking.... here's a picture to help us think spring!


  1. Lucky you. Have a great relaxing trip.

  2. Have a good trip Gudrun - glad you got into the blog okay. S

  3. Have a wonderful trip Gudrun and thanks for the beautiful picture.