Monday, September 20, 2010

Delia challenge #2 Four Elements

I am sorry I did not have time to post about my piece before I left home.
I wanted to capture some of the elements that effect our country and do it with paint and machine embroidery. It was a challenge to me to get the colours right with the painting. I am happy with the results.
The piece is 22inches square or 56cm.

This is fire which see in our country so many times with devastating effects. Flames
flying high into the sky with the bright colours.
We have some of the most beautiful waters and reefs in the world to be found not far from where I live.

The winds with the cyclones that our region experiences so often during parts of the year. Lovely to see the clouds flying past over head when it is not to windy or raining. I have felted wool over the top clouds.
The earth with the beautiful colours with the dry spells that we experience.
Australia is know for its fires, floods and droughts. I am lucky I live in a area where we experience a lot of rain, wind and occasionally fire but not the droughts.
I enjoyed putting thie piece togerther.
Delia Australia

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