Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fractured Elements

As I was contemplating the Four Elements challenge I remembered a magazine article I read a couple of years ago about fracturing fabric. I located the article and also found a book, Fabulous Fractures by Brenda Esslinger, that described a more detailed, much easier method of completing the fractures. I decided try fracturing photos to represent the four elements.

Four each element I printed 4 copies of the chosen photograph. Earth, air and water were crops of pictures I had taken. The earth photo was from a trip down the Rhine Valley. The air(clouds) and water (glacier) photos were from Jasper National Park. I located the bonfire photo on Wikipedia. It is a photo from FLR002 and can be used with attribution.

After fracturing the pictures I decided to place each picture a compass related to it. I connected the pictures at the corners to show that the elements are connected, but that they also can stand alone.



  1. I like the originality of your idea. It really works.

    I have never tried fracturing and after seeing it I am thinking about
    fracturing one of my pieces! Shirley

  2. I like how you have linked your 4 elements. Can you tell us a little more about the 'fracturing?'

  3. very unusual work. I too look forward to reading about how you fracture your fabric or photographs.

  4. Very nice. I too would like more info about "fracturing."

  5. Mark me down as another who would like to know more about fabric fracturing. Your piece is wonderful!

    Sharon M

  6. Fracturing ?~? I, too, am most curious. Your piece is beautiful.

  7. I love your piece, and like the rest really interested in the how to`s.

  8. I love the idea and like the others want to hear more about it. Your piece is a wonderful memory to have.