Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Four Elements - Diane

I knew I wanted to do another piece in my "geode" series for this challenge. I decided to interpret the theme in a somewhat abstract way, primarily using color and visual texture to suggest each of the elements, so that each section could fold into a unit representing a single element or be reversed and fold into a unit blending all of the elements. Here is the front, with the elements in distinct sections:

And the back where the elements flow together:

And finally the sections folded into 3-D units. I will probably display them this way, either in a bowl or strung on a single cord.


  1. This is beautiful. A very unique way of interpreting the theme.

  2. WOW, Diane - you have certainly come a long way since I met you.

    These are gorgeous -- great job

  3. This is so neat, love that you can display it 3 different ways...lovely!

    Sharon M

  4. What a great work! Looking forward to seeing more of the 'geode' series.

  5. How different and so nice to see three ways.