Tuesday, September 14, 2010

For Maggy In Australia

Maggy's computer is sick, not sure whether it is fatal or not.  I have her challenge photos here for show.  Forgot to get Maggy to say a bit about her 'Four Elements'.
  Her symbols are appliqued onto dyed fabric to represent Earth Wind Water and Fire.

Sailing ship
Phoenix rising from the ashes

Mole burrowing in the earth

Hot air balloons


  1. I like the fact that the background fabrics are the elements with the silhouettes helping to carry the theme.

  2. Maggy - sorry about your computer. I like this - your idea of coordinating the background fabrics as the elements and then using focal subjects
    which fit is great.

  3. I too like your ideas, this is such a great group, and I am learning so much with each challenge.

  4. A different slant using the background to represent your theme, clever idea. I love seeing how everyone interprets the theme, each slightly different.

  5. Very Nice Maggie, I like all the symbols you chose.

    Sharon M

  6. Great symbolism and I love the backgrounds.

  7. Good ideas Maggie and I love the bird is it a crow? So nice to see all the different ideas with this challenge.