Friday, May 14, 2010

my challenge piece, finished! Tammy

I love the ocean, and all it offers. There are so many hidden treasures that we don`t even know them all. When life gets to me, it is the peace of mind and body that the warmth of the water, the soothing sounds that comfort me. If I could choose what I wanted to be in my next life the sea turtle is what I would pick. Too float along the waves, diving deep, and then resurfacing to the warmth of the sun. aaaahhhhhh peace!
That is why I chose my subject.
The film showing the changing moons with the eggs under the sand, and then the wondrous sea turtle emerging from them. I used real 35mm film on the reels, crocheted coloring for the border to remind us of the colors of the ocean.


  1. I like this one very much Tammy --- your piece is very well done and I like the way you used the film to give it a 3 d look. This is very very good. Shirley

  2. I love your picture, it is very unique and I like the addition of the film too!

    Sharon M

  3. Sea turtle eh! I think you may be too warm blooded, as I see a lot
    of warmth here for this subject. Lovely piece.

  4. Love everything about this, Tammy! The sea/sand colors, the film/reels and crochet edging. Such an original interpretation!

  5. Turtles are great creatures. I like how you have used the crochet edging and the film for the 3D look. Very clever.

  6. Tammy,
    This is fabulous! I love sea turtles (just watched a special on NatGeo). I love your interpretation of their beginnings.

  7. Very innovative. I love the film idea.

  8. I love the film you used and the turtle,
    Very nice piece of work Tammy.