Friday, May 14, 2010


Hi to all members of Challengingourselves..........

This has been a great experience for me. I love to work with sheer fabrics and tulle. I wanted to experiment with finding ther Hidden Treasure in the sea, which is the COLOURS.

I like to tear my fabrics for some of my projects. I layered my fabrics to blend them like the colours of the sea. I then stitched with threads of various similar colours, again blending.....

My first piece is a long wallhanging called THE COLOURS OF THE BEACH. This measures 50" wide x 9" deep.

My second piece was made in a similar way but then cut into triangles and reassembled into a Hexagon, which I then embellished with more torn fabrics. This is ccalled HIDDEN TREASURES and measures 21" from flat side to flat side.

I am currently working on a lampshade make using the same technique.....I will post a photo when it is finished.

It is now just after midnight - May 15th. I am posting this now as I will be gone from home very early tomorrow morning and wont be back till late evening...........



  1. I love your idea Miriam and the colours that you have used. Did you use a metallic thread?

  2. Gorgeous colors and fabrics!

    Sharon M

  3. This is beautiful Miriam. You have such a feeling for the sea and it shows in the colors you used. Really great job!

  4. I love your colors, they do feel like the sea.

  5. Wonderful sea feeling, Miriam! Now I'm excited to see the lampshade! ;o)

  6. You really nailed the colours, they do speak to me of the sea.

  7. This is beautiful Miriam! I love the colors.

    I need hints on how to sew on these fabrics. The satin I used was giving me fits!

  8. Mariam the colours in this are just so sea and lovely choice. I love the ocean so this speaks to me.
    I canb't wait to see the lampshade.

  9. Colour, texture, shape, how wonderful.