Saturday, May 15, 2010


Hi Girls
This is my "Hidden Treasures".
Size 13" x 18"
II is brighter then this picture and when I get home I will take another and post.

I had no idea what I was going to do and then I though of little gems and sparkles that are found in the sea, on the earth, in the garden. Actually anywhere you look. I had a few mistakes with this piece.
First I ruched part of the yellow background but then I tried out my friend felting machine and put a lot of silk and wool in the one corner and felted strips down the piece. It then looked like an octopus. So under the sea. Still not right. I added some tyvek pieces that were painted with Lumiere paint (blue) and hovered the iron over these pieces to distort them.
On the organza that I used to cover the piece I machines 3 circles and stitched diagonally across each. I cut out the spaces and added a mirrors under.
In the top corner I decided to burn some holes with the heat gun after the organza had been place on the piece. After this I hand stitches around the holes that were formed. These looked quite good with the bright colour showing throw.
I then machine quilted down the pieces leaving space between the lines of quilting so I could cut out some areas.One area is the yellow area of ruching with hand stitching over the top. I also cut the area to show the tyvek and then fringed slightly the organza around this.

Cut out area with the yellow ruching showing through.
Tyvek cut out.

Holes burnt in the corner and then the holes stitched around and some bullion knots added.
I also used some glued gold foils and angelina.
I enjoyed doing this piece and look forward to the next challenge.


  1. very nice Del - I would love to read some comments about your pieces.

    Your work is always so interesting. Shirley

  2. I just read the comments - don't know where they were the first time I looked! Great work. Shirley

  3. I find your work very interesting, you really put a lot of thought into all the details!

    Sharon M

  4. Hi Shirley Sorry I had to leave for a few minutes and came back and did the coments. I still have a bit more to write but will have to do it later as well as coment on the other works.
    I am still away so been a bit hard to do everything. The grandchildren are wonderful but we left there yesterday and we are now at Serina with friends for a couple of days before heading home.

  5. Great job Delia. Very interesting.

  6. Delia-
    Thanks for the tip on the tyvek. I purchased some after I saw your previous post and was going to use it this time, but ran out of time. I can't wait to play with it. Now I have to google ruching. You are an inspiration!
    I love the colors and textures of this piece.

  7. Interesting piece Delia, love the colours that you used. Couldn't see the mirrors though.

  8. Delia oh Ijust love the vibrant colors and textures...I just got some lutraderm and tyvek that I ordered and cannot wait to try it...

  9. Technique-filled piece. Wow. I may attempt one of these in the future. Great colours.

  10. you have a lot of different applications. I can hardly wait to see your next piece .I too have been wanting to try a couple things,like your tyvek [I saved a couple of my postal envelopes that are tyvek to try it out with ]. Good job...

  11. Wonderful, colorful piece, as usual, Delia!