Sunday, July 31, 2011

Cheryl #6 Challenge Out of Africa

This was fun, and the timing was perfect! For this challenge I tried color discharging. My mom learned this technique in a class where her subject was a zebra and the results were amazing. Since she was coming to visit in early June I thought it would be fun to do something together AND get a tutorial. The discharging was a learning experience and I also had a chance to use some inks and paint for detail.

I have to give a shout out to my mom who is my inspiration. She has been a quilter for over 30 years and is very talented. Almost four years ago she lost the use of her left side as the result of a stroke. Not only did she have to learn to do everything with one hand, being a lefty she had to train herself to become right-handed. She has shown me courage and determination that I could only hope to possess. Below is the zebra she created in her class just a year ago. I am also including her African mask that she made as part of our project (my flash washed out the photo). She has since finished the project but I only have a photo of what she did while here.
Go Mom, I Love You!

This is the Zebra she did in class

Here is the African Mask


  1. WOW! I love your lion, and what a great thing to be able to share this with your mom. Her zebra is way cool too!

  2. Wow is right, the lion is fabulous! The nose looks so real. Your mom is very talented also, you have a great teacher!

  3. WOW I can say also. Love the look in the lion's eyes. You and your mother would have had a lovely day creating they pieces.
    Love the zebra and the mash also.

  4. This is very special and such a wonderful tribute to your Mom -- her
    'buttons must be bursting ' with pride and love for you.

    This is outstanding! The lion looks alive as do they all. Shirley

  5. I agree with all that has been said, thanks for sharing your story. Did you do a pencil drawing or use a photo for this?

  6. Ohhh, I wish I had that talent! I copied this from a photograph.

  7. Cheryl, I love your lion and your Mum's work as well. The mask is eye catching.