Saturday, April 2, 2011

Julie's #4 Challenge - Orange, purple and blue

I'm honored and challenged to be a part of this group.  This is my first challenge in which I've been able to participate.  This challenge has also come at a busy time for me.  You would know that orange is my most challenging color to use - my orange section in my stash only consists of 4 or 5 fabrics.

For this challenge, I turned to a pattern that I've been wanting to try, Ricky Tims' Caveman Quilting, the Chantelle Tulip flower.  My roots are in traditional quilting - so free cutting curves and making things uneven was a step out for me.  Though the picture doesn't show it, I quilted the center of the quilt with orange thread and the borders with purple thread - thus challenging me to be bolder in my thread selection.  This measures about 14x22".

I'll enjoy this quilt hanging on my front door as I look forward to contemplating the next challenge.


  1. Julie how wonderful what you have done with the challenge. If you click on your picture it enlarges and you can see all the stitching you have done.
    Welcome to the group and you have done a wonderful piece for you first art quilt.

  2. Julie I think this is wonderful for your first art quilt. Did it feel wonderful to cut and sew other ways then straight....Do you feel like you grew some and enjoyed it? It is really very pretty piece..

  3. No matter how you shake that orange it is orange and you used a mittload, it works very well, on this piece. I'd be pleased if this was my piece, a
    grand statement of spring for your door.

  4. I think you did a great job on your piece, it does say Spring! And how you used your colors to thread paint it just makes it stand out even more!

  5. It's wonderful Julie, I love the abstract and finishing with the straight border makes it really interesting. You did a beautiful job of quilting it too!

    Sharon M

  6. Julie! I am so proud of you! This challenge is great! I love the thread work and you have done a great job. What is so wonderful about this group is their enthusiasm. I am SO GLAD you are joining us! I hope to do the next challenge too. Welcome to the Challenge group! good job!

  7. Julie, your first art quilt turn out beautiful. Love the orange! Looks like a great challenge group.