Saturday, August 18, 2012

Jackie #11 Celtic

I've finally finished a challenge. I enlarged and traced the central motif from Motif celtiques by David Ballade. I sewed around the motif & then painted it with Inktense water colour blocks mixed with Golden GAC 900. I also used Luminere paints. The writing was done with FW Acrylic Ink. The celtic knots on the corners was done with a stamp I had carved.

The words are from a poem by the Breton poet, Anjela Duval. I wrote in the Uncial hand which is a Celtic hand. It's 18"x18". Grandparents came from Brittany, the Celtic part of France. I enjoyed making this.
Jackie in Edmonton


  1. I just watched a tutorial on using the Luminere paints. So it is great to see them used in a project .Your challenge is so different from the others but does so reflect the subject, I love it . Margaret

  2. WOW you have really got this challenge done with different ideas. Again I am amaized with how you have done this piece.
    I seem to have lost some of my ideas of late well really over the last year or so. I hope it all comes back to me sooner rather then later.
    Love what you have done.

  3. Excellent design and great color choice.

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