Saturday, February 4, 2012

Mirian #9 Challange Black and While

Marian  has asked me to post her challenge.
I love the palm trees.

I simply drew the very simple palm trees onto black fabric with bondaweb ironed on.........On white fabric I simply stitched a black line for the horizon and some stitching for the water. I then added some black tulle to five the impression of water. This piece only took a few hours to lcomplete.

The second piece was my attempt to make a black and white landscape using just a little red. It didnt turn out great.....but I learnt from it.


  1. Mirian I love the palm trees. How did you do them?

  2. Miriam - Once again your Challenge is wonderful. Shirley

  3. I love the palm trees, would also love to know how you did that piece.

    Delia, you touch of reds make the piece come alive. Good job!