Friday, June 3, 2011

Sue M Challenge # 5 Self Portrait

I have to say how much I admire all the quilts, what wonderful work.

I have struggled with this challenge and confess that I didn't manage to get a self portrait finished. I started plenty and they have all ended in the bin.

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that in the last challenge with Art Quilts Around the World the theme was ...... you guessed it a 'Self Portrait' so I'm cheating this time and using the same quilt.
If I was to make it again I would do the lips differently, they are much too thick.

I'm looking forward to the African challenge and have some ideas rattling around in my head.


  1. I really like this -- it shows expression and I think I might know you
    if I met you! I like the white thread on the black background.

    very nice! Shirley

  2. I am partial to black and white portraits, yours works very well. I can see that you are a young lady who really should not have had her lips 'done' at such a tender age. (VBG)

  3. Love the contrast, and the hair! Very nice.